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Peak POSTer is an easy-to-use app that helps users get the basics right when posting to social media. A pocket guide to the best and worst times to post on your favourite sites, this app is for busy sales people, recruiters, business owners and anyone looking to gain more likes, comments or shares.

Get handy information about the peak times to post to top social media sites so you can reach your audience every time with Peak POSTer.  Easily see when the best and worst posting times are across all major social media channels, as well as what the ideal content is for each site.

Within Peak POSTer, users are able to launch directly to the site’s app and can set reminders in their phone’s calendar to prompt them at the next best posting time for the selected site.

No matter what your reason for using social media is, Peak POSTer is the perfect tool to ensure you always get the timing right and your posts don’t go unseen.





Can I advertise on Peak POSTer?

Absolutely! We’re determined to keep offering Peak POSTer as a free app and are always on the lookout for new advertisers. The app is offered to a global market and reaches a wide audience so there are plenty of options for advertisers no matter where you’re from. Check out our advertising guidelines page or email for more info.

Can I post to social media from Peak POSTer?

While you can’t post directly through our app, Peak POSTer allows you to link straight to the social media site you want to use. Simply press the ‘launch app’ button and we’ll automatically open the app on your device so you’re ready to post. If you don’t have the app installed the site will open in your browser.

Where did the information come from?

At Digital Affair we have conducted a bunch of independent research across a wide range of sources to determine when the absolute best time is to reach your audience. There are too many sites to list here, but if you would like to know more about our data feel free to get in touch (see below).

Which social media sites does Peak POSTer include?

Peak POSTer covers all major social media sites as well as other popular forms of communication such as emails and blogs. The sites we cover are Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Vine, Tumbr, Instagram, Flickr and VK.

We also have information on China’s leading social media sites – QQ, Pengyou, Q-Zone, WeChat, Sina Weibo and Renren. Simply press the Chinese flag in the bottom right hand corner to swap.

What if my audience is in a different time zone?

All times are displayed in the user’s local time so no matter where you are you’ll know when the right time to post is. If you’re posting for an international audience however, you will just need to convert the best time to their time zone to make sure you reach the audience you want when they’re engaged.

Who are Digital Affair?

Digital Affair are talent acquisition experts and digital thought leaders who work closely with a wide range of companies to improve their employment branding and digital strategy. While we focus largely on the recruitment industry, we’re also keen digital innovators and collaborate with a range of start-ups and established tech companies to help push the envelope across virtual reality, gamification, website design, e-learning programs, mobile optimisation and more.

Please note: Peak POSTer displays information from independent sources and is not developed in conjunction with any of the sites represented. While we have taken great care to ensure all information is as accurate as possible, the recommended post times and ideal content are to be used as a guide only and do not necessarily represent the only effective social media practices.

Feedback before fury: We’re constantly trying to improve our app to best suit everyone’s needs and are more than happy to hear any advice you may have for us. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you think our information could be improved or you feel we’ve missed something; we’d love to hear what you think!

For any questions, comments, feedback or more information please email