Mapping & Insights

At Digital Affair, we are diving deeper than ever before into talent communities that others haven’t even discovered yet. As authorities on HR and talent analytics, we are able to provide insights and metrics to give you everything you need for effective talent management.

Using big data, strategic workforce planning (SWP) and recruiting metrics, our researchers are creating and using new and emerging methods to discover where your target market is. They then produce maps and insights that take you deep into the history, behaviours and even psyche of your target market.

Beyond just giving you a list of who they are and where talent works, our HR metrics and talent insights show you the chronology of their career, show you their social footprint, reveal what drives them and provide invaluable insights into how they are likely to align with your brand.

Coupled with succession planning and talent management, we can provide you the foundations for a pipeline to meet your needs now and into the future.