Employment Branding

Digital Affair is one of the leading employment branding agencies in Australia. We develop critical campaigns and strategies that position you to attract the top talent in your industry.

Through strong employer branding, we tell the stories that show the world why your business is where talent comes to find a home.

You know great talent already has a great job. You also know that the moment you find great talent is unlikely to be the same moment that great talent is ready to move to a new opportunity. It’s here that truly great employment branding shows its value.

We engage great talent that share your company’s values, benefits and vision. We use our expertise to cut through the noise and communicate with the individual and appeal to their drivers and deliver your corporate branding message.

This is our point of difference. If all your competitors are shouting broadly at the world through the same channels, we want to help you attract talent through meaningful messaging and targeted campaigns that break through.

We know the right time, the right place and the right way to take your brand to market.

Our expertise is in:

  • Employment Value Proposition development
  • Employment brand strategy
  • Employment branding campaigns
  • Cross-cultural campaigns
  • Brand ambassador programs
  • Media – strategy and buying

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