Best Practice Training

Talent acquisition, sourcing or recruitment. Whatever you call it, this industry that you’ve chosen as your profession is evolving at an amazing rate. It seems like every day a new tool, technique or tip comes across your desk. You’ve invested in some and want to try others. But how do you keep up? How do you know you’re making the best use of your time? We’ve got you covered.

Whether it’s making sure you’re writing the perfect optimised ad, tapping into the secrets of social media sourcing, getting your LinkedIn Certification or taking it to the next level and developing your Boolean expertise, we have a training program to suit your goals.

Our specialist personal and group trainers are recognised industry wide as pioneers in their field. Designing a program to meet your individual or team needs we can elevate your performance, increase recruitment effectiveness and ensure you not only gain the return on investment that you want, but can evidence it too.

We’ve partnered with some of this industries biggest platforms and tools to ensure we know ahead of time what skills you will need to outpace your competitors so you can reach talented individuals and communities first.

We show you ways to tap into rich talent networks that you didn’t know existed, and we give you the guidance to take this knowledge and evolve your expertise to the next level.

Our programs can be combined or tailored to suit your needs:

  • Capability & resource health check
  • Starting out in social sourcing
  • Ad writing & placement fundamentals
  • Sourcing accelerator
  • Cross cultural sourcing
  • LinkedIn personal branding
  • LinkedIn intermediate to superuser
  • Boolean search

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