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Australia’s 2016 Best Places to Work list announced

Typically dominated by IT industry companies, Salesforce continued the trend and took out top spot in Great Place To Work’s  2016 top employers list last month. Saleforce’s winning culture is built on the Hawaiian spirit of ‘Ohana’, meaning family. Styker, Atlassian, Mecca Brands and Adobe Systems rounded out the top 5.  The best place to work in the under 100 employees category went to IT/storage and data management business Rackspace.

Read more here or download the full results.


Facebook’s go-to management manual says there’s one thing to look for in job candidates above all else

A 1999 book titled First, Break All The Rules was once considered controversial in the business world, but these days it’s Facebook’s HR Chief Lori Goler’s go-to reference book provided to all new managers. Encouraging the primary focus to be on “talent” when looking at job candidates, the book describes three types of talent (striving, thinking and relating) to look for, with the manager determining which talent is the most desirable for the vacant position. Posted on Business Insider this week, you can read more here.


How companies may benefit from helping introverts to thrive

Jim Collins, a management guru, suggests that the chief executives who stay at the top the longest are those that blend into the background and put their companies above their egos. Workplaces that accommodate extroverted employees over introverts may be further introverting those staff, whereas an all-inclusive model could make for a much more cohesive working environment and allow introverts to thrive. Read last week’s The Economist article here.


What young workers are looking for in future workplaces

Soon, the millennial generation will make up the majority of the workforce; a digital-savvy generation arriving with more technological knowledge than that of their bosses. In order to accommodate this evolution, we should draw on millennials’ experiences, personalities, wants and needs when designing workplaces for the future, providing a flexible workplace to attract and maintain talent. Learn more here.


Comedy duo Hamish and Andy prank man into providing a glowing job reference for someone he’s never met

We definitely don’t condone lying on your CV or in a job interview! But the willingness and flawless improvisation of one man put on the spot by jobseeker “Tim Barnard” last week, a man he’d never met and was unaware was a fictional character, had all of Australia entertained and wishing they were friends with the man now labelled Australia’s Greatest Bloke. Check out the video here.


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